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The MEOC serves thousands of residents of Harlem, East Harlem, and throughout New York City, providing training for skilled and semi-skilled occupations as well as college foundation courses and placement services for all enrolled students and potential students.

Graduates from the MEOC have moved into jobs in healthcare, business, government and nonprofit organizations and have been accepted into all units of the City University of New York, State University of New York and private colleges, after receiving post-secondary education following training at the Center.

Learn English, earn your High School Equivalency and prepare for college with us! Improve your professional skills by participating in one of our vocational programs including Certified Microsoft® Office, Electronic Health Records and Security Officer Training – all for free.*  Start your academic and professional development here with a faculty and staff that cares.

Get to know our programs and services in person at one of our Information Sessions. Attend a session at 11AM or 6PM. Click here for more details.

All prospective students must attend an information session to learn about MEOC upcoming classes.  Click here for more details.

*Based on Eligibility Requirements



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All Prospective students are invited to attend a session where “All Programs” is noted

Wed. 4/15@ 11:00AM or 6:00PM – All programs

Wed. 5/6@ 2:00PM – ESOL

Thurs. 5/7@ 4:00PM – Summer Math Institute

Wed. 5/13@ 11:00AM or 6:00PM – All programs

Wed. 5/20@ 2:00PM – ESOL

Fri. 5/22@ 12:00PM – High School Equivalency

Wed. 5/27@ 11:00AM or 6:00PM – All programs

Wed. 6/8@ 11:00AM or 6:00PM – All programs

Wed. 6/17@ 12:00PM – High School Equivalency

Thurs. 5/18@ 4:00PM – Summer Math Institute



Monday, June 1, 2015 at 11:00AM

Calendar of Events…Click here


CUNY Assessment Workshops

Tues. 4/21@ 2:00PM – MEOC location

Tues. 5/21@ 3:00PM – BMCC location

Thurs. 5/14@ 2:00PM – MEOC location

Mon. 6/15@ 3:00PM – BMCC location

Wed. 6/17@ 4:00PM – BMCC location

To Register, call 212-961-5853 or visit